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Provisional Beer List for 2006

The 29th Festival will be held on Fri 22nd - Sat 23rd March 2019 once again at Brighton Racecourse.

2006 Beers of the Festival:

Beer of the Festival is Whitstable Oyster Stout

Cider of the Festival is Portslade Wild Thing

Perry of the Festival is Gwatkins Blakeney Red

Here is the provisional beer list as published in February 2006 - there were 199 beers to start with, but as always, there were several changes before the event itself. You can also download and print out the tasting notes to these beers, allowing you to fully plan and prepare for the festival.


Provisional Beer List

Brewery Beer ABV
1648 Brewery Signature 4.4%
1648 Brewery Ginger Nol 4.7%
1648 Brewery Winter Warrant 4.8%
Abbeydale Absolution 5.3%
Arundel Little Willie 4.0%
Arundel Feasta Bunny 4.0%
Arundel Sussex Gold 4.2%
Arundel Black Beastie 4.9%
Arundel Old Knucker 5.3%
Ballards Midhurst Mild 3.4%
Ballards Golden Bine 3.8%
Ballards Nyewood Gold 5.0%
Ballards Wassail 6.0%
Ballards Poms Delight 9.6%
Bank Top Golddigger 4.0%
Bartrums Jester Quick One 4.4%
Barum Breakfast 5.0%
Batemans Dark Mild 3.0%
Bath Barnstormer 4.5%
Beartown Ginger Bear 4.0%
Berrow Winter S'Port 4.7%
Blindmans Mine Beer 4.2%
Boggarts Angel Hill 4.2%
Boggarts Darkside 4.4%
Brandon Rusty Bucket 4.0%
Branscombe Vale Draymans 4.2%
Breconshire Golden Valley 4.2%
Bridge of Allan Glencoe Stout 4.5%
Bushys Export bitter 3.8%
Cains FA 5.0%
Cairngorm Black Gold 4.4%
Cheriton Village Elder 3,8%
Cheriton Diggers Gold 4.6%
Clearwater Cavalier 4.0%
Conwy Special 4.5%
Copper Dragon Golden Pippin 3.9%
Country Life Country Bumpkin 6.0%
Crondall Crondalls Best 4.0%
Crondall Mitchells Dream 4.5%
Crouch Vale Essex Boys 3.5%
Crouch Vale Brewers Gold 4.0%
Custom Beers Centenniale 3.8%
Custom Beers Chinook 4.2%
Custom Beers Cascade 4.8%
Custom Beers Honey Porter 5.5%
Danelaw Dane Geld 3.8%
Dark Star Hophead 4.0%
Dark Star Best 4.0%
Dark Star Oatmeal Stout 4.5%
Dark Star Nut Brown Ale 4.5%
Dark Star APA 4.7%
Darwin Ghost Ale 4.1%
Dublin to Liverpool Canavan 4.5%
Eastwood and Sanders Ellan Back 4.6%
Elgoods Pagent 4.3%
Elveden Elveden Stout 5.0%
F.I.L.O. Crofters 4.0%
F.I.L.O. Ginger Tom 4.5%
F.I.L.O. Cardinal 4.6%
Facers Twin City Mild 3.6%
Fallen Angel St Patricks Irish Stout 3.1%
Fallen Angel Fire in the Hole 3.9%
Fernandez Heroes and heriones 4.6%
Fox Drop of Real Norfolk 4.1%
Fox Branthill Pioneer 5.0%
Front Street Callums Ale 4.3%
Fuzzy Duck Stout 4.0%
Fyne Ales Maverick 4.2%
Garton Stunned Mullet 5.0%
Goachers Imperial Stout 4.5%
Grand Union Union Gold 4.2%
Gribble Toffs Ale 4.0%
Gribble Pigs Ear 5.8%
Hadrian and Border Flotsam 4.0%
Hammerpot Mild 3.2%
Hammerpot Red Hunter 4.3%
Hammerpot Pale 4.5%
Hampshire Porky and Bess 4.5%
Harveys Hadlow 3.5%
Harveys Best 4.0%
Harveys Armada 4.5%
Harveys Kiss 4.8%
Harveys Porter 4.8%
Harviestoun Bitter and Twisted 3.8%
Hawks Head Lakeland Gold 4.4%
Hebridean Celtic Black 3.9%
Hepworths Tradional 3.6%
Hepworths Pullman 4.2%
Hepworths Iron Horse 4.8%
Hidden Hidden Fantasy 4.6%
High House Auld Hemp 3.8%
Hobdens Wessex Crockerton Classic 4.1%
Hogsback T.E.A. 4.2%
Hopdaemon Golden Braid 3.7%
Houston Carls Beer 3.9%
Humpty Dumpty Railway Sleeper 5.0%
Iceni Thetford Forest Mild 3.6%
Iceni Elveden Gold 3.9%
Inveralmond Ossians 4.1%
Isle of Mull McCaigs 4.2%
Itchen Valley Pure Gold 4.8%
Kelburn Carte Blanche 5.0%
Kemp Town Kemp Town Bitter 4.0%
Kemp Town Dragons Blood 5.2%
Kemp Town Old Grumpy 6.5%
King Broadshield 4.0%
King Mother in Law 4.1%
King Amarillo 4.2%
King Scrummy Bitter 5.0%
Leek New Staffs Bittr 3.8%
Loddon Ferrymans Gold 4.4%
Malvern Hills Black Pear 4.4%
Marston moor Matchlock Mild 4.0%
Mayfields Conqueror 4.3%
Mighty Oak Mauldon Gold 3.8%
Mighty Oak English Oak 4.8%
Milestone Hoptermism 3.6%
Millstone Windy Miller 4.1%
Milton Neroes Stout 5.0%
Moorhouses Black Cat 3.4%
Oakham J.H.B. 3.8%
Oakleaf Oakleaf Bitter 3.8%
Oakleaf Heart of Oak 4.5%
Oakleaf Blakes Gosport 5.2%
Oakleaf Cnat believe its not bitter 4.9%
O'Hanlons Yellowhammer 4.2%
Okells Mac Lir 4.4%
Orkney Red McGregor 4.0%
Ossett Silverking 4.3%
Ossett Fine Fettle 4.8%
Phoenix Arizona 4.1%
Pictish Alchemist 4.3%
Plassey Fusilier 4.5%
Prestonpans I.P.A. 4.1%
Purity Gold 3.8%
Ramsbottom Provident 4.5%
Ramsgate Gadds No7 3.8%
Rectory Rectors Revenge 5.0%
Rectory Winter 5.7%
Ring o Bells Bodmin Boar 4.3%
Rodham Bitter 3.6%
Roosters Drunken 4.3%
Rother Valley Level Best 4.0%
Rother Valley Copper Ale 4.3%
Rother Valley Bodicea 4.6%
Rother Valley Blues 5.0%
Scattor Rock Dinger Tor 4.8%
Shaws Tame Valley 4.3%
Skinners Betty Stoggs 4.0%
Skinners Cornish Blonde 5.0%
Spinning Dog Hereford Organic 3.7%
Stewarts Edinburgh Gold 4.8%
Stonehenge Sign of Spring 4.6%
Surreyhills Shere Drop 4.2%
Suthwyk Skew Sunshine 4.6%
Swan Fuggles 3.6%
Swan Bewick 5.3%
Tindalls All Time 4.0%
Tindalls Norfolk'N'Good 4.6%
Tipples Red Head 4.2%
Tipples Moonrocket 5.0%
Titanic Titanic Mild 3.5%
Titanic Iceburg 4.1%
Tomos Watkin Cwrw braf 3.7%
Tower Pale Ale 4.8%
Tring Jack'O'Legs 4.2%
Tripple F Moondance 4.2%
Tryst Brockville Dark 3.8%
Upper Agbrigg Premium 4.5%
Valhalla Old Scatness 4.0%
Waveney Valley Lightweight 3.8%
Waveney Valley Great White Hope 4.8%
Weltons Budget Beast 3.4%
Weltons Old Cocky 4.3%
Weltons Horsham Old 4.5%
Weltons OTT 6.0%
Wensleydale Hardraw Force 5.6%
Westerham Black Eagle 3.8%
Whalebone Neck Oil Bitter 3.9%
White Firkin 3.8%
White Dark Mild 4.0%
White Lovehandle 4.5%
White Star Dark Destroyer 4.7%
Whitehorse Wayland Smythy 4.4%
Whitstable Oyster Stout 4.5%
Whitstable Wheat Beer 5.2%
Wilds Wild SX 4.2%
William Greenwood Fat Prop 5.0%
Williams Roisin 4.2%
Wolf Edith Cavell 3.7%
Wolf Golden Jackal 3.7%
Wolf Straw Dogs 4.5%
Wolf Granny Wudnt Like it 4.8%
Wood Shropshire Lad 4.5%
Wooden Hand Smugglers Gold 3.6%
Wooden Hand Cornish Mutiny 4.8%
Woodfordes Wherry 3.8%
Woodland Willow 4.1%
York Yorkshire Terrier 4.2%


The tasting notes for the 2006 Festival's provisional beer list are now available for downloading and printing. These notes will also appear in the festival programme, included with your entry price, however this gives you the chance to plan ahead if you choose. We've also included space for you to add your own notes.

Left-clicking on the links will open them in a new browser window - right clicking and choosing "Save Target As" will usually be quickest, and will allow you to store this on your own PC for printing at your convenience.

Please note, these are not necessarily the official CAMRA notes for each beer!


Grand Hall Tasting Notes (updated 6th March, 6 pages, 121KB)

Sussex Bar Tasting Notes (updated 6th March, 4 pages, 91KB)

Welcome Inn Tasting Notes (10 beers, 1 page, 72KB)



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