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Cider & Perry (2010 Archived List)

The 29th Festival will be held on Fri 22nd - Sat 23rd March 2019 once again at Brighton Racecourse.

APPLE section of CAMRA site

After the popularity of ciders, perry and wine at the 2005 festival, we've stocked a much wider range at subsequent festivals.

See below for details of the 27 ciders and 12 perries pencilled in for the 2010 festival. You can also download more detailed tasting notes from here.

For more information, check out the APPLE section of the CAMRA website (opens in new window).

See below for tasting notes for the 2010 Festival selection.

Confirmed results from the 2010 Festival:

• Cider of the Festival: Hunt's Cider from Seddlescombe
• Perry of the Festival: Heck's Blakeney Red from Somerset

2010 Festival Provisional Selection:

The Ciders

APPLEDRAM, W.Suss., 7.5%, M, culinary/dessert apples, fruity, clean finish with bite

BATTLE cider, E.Suss., 6%, S, culinary, dessert + cider apple varieties, very clean and exceptionally fruity

CHIDDINGSTONE cider, Kent, 7.5%, MS, culinary/dessert apple varieties, wine-like in quality and finish

CHUCKLEHEAD cider, Devon, 7%, M, cider apple varieties, Hampshire cider from Devon apples

CROSSMANS Prime cider, Som.,6%, S, cider apple varieties, perennially popular ciders

DOUBLEVISION cider, Kent, 7.4%, M, culinary/dessert apple varieties, smooth, clean, quaffable

GREEN VALLEY Rum Tiddly Tum, Devon, 8.3%, M, Beware of rum tiddlyness….Rum cask-conditioned cider from cider apples.

GWATKINS varietal cider, Herefs., 7.5%, M, Yarlington Mill, CAMRA Cider of the Year 2002 and 2009

GWATKINS varietal cider, Herefs., 7.5%, S, Stoke Red, sumptuous, succulent, full-bodied

GWYNT Y DDRAIG 'Black Dragon' cider, Glam., 7.2%, MD, cider apple varieties - high %age K.Black, a prize-winner in waiting!

GWYNT Y DDRAIG 'Happy Daze' cider, Glam., 4.5%, MD, cider apple varieties, easy drinking session cider, ideal for on-trade

GWYNT Y DDRAIG varietal cider, Glam., 7.2%, D, Kingston Black, well-balanced with gentle tannins

GWYNT Y DDRAIG varietal cider Glam., 6%, MD, Brown Snout, clean tasting, accessible drier cider

HANCOCKS cider, Devon, 6%, S, cider apple varieties, six generations of cidermaking know-how

JB's ciders, D & M, W.Suss., 7.5%, very tasty with an underlying Kingston Black bitterness.

LYNE DOWN Roaring Meg cider, Herefs., 6%, D, cider apple varieties, clean, easy-drinking

MONTGOMERY 'Old Monty' cider, Powys, 4.8%, D, cider apple varieties, full of traditional character

OAKWOOD cider, E.Suss., 6.4%, Org.M, culinary and dessert apples, extra, extra dry with a bite like a cold shower

OLIVERS varietal cider, Herefs, 6%, MD, Dabinett, fruity, rounded easy-drinking

ROSIE'S TRIPLE 'D' cider, Clwyd, 7.2%, D, cider apple cider, fruity, popular traditional clean cider

ROSIE'S Rampant Ram cider, Clwyd, 7.2%, D, cider apple cider rum-casked, the merest hint of Caribbean warmth

ROSS-ON-WYE cider, Herefs., 6%, M, cider apple varieties - oak-matured, well-balanced; for those who know their cider

SEDLESCOMBE cider, E.Suss., 6.5%, M, culinary/dessert apples, sweetened back with apple concentrate

SHEPPYS cider, Som., 6%, S, cider apple varieties , NCCP favourites since 1981

SPRINGFIELD 'Sledgehammer' cider, Mon., 8.2%, MD, cider apple varieties, clean, succinct and to the point

WILKINS cider, Som., 6%, S, cider apple varieties, created by a living legend. Superb cider!

WISCOMBE 'Suicider'cider, Devon, 8%, D, cider apple varieties - rum-casked, rounded, full-bodied, very popular

The Perries

BROADOAK 'Premium' perry, Som., 7.5%, S, perry pear varieties, liquid pear drops. CAMRA Perry of the Year '09

DUNKERTONS perry, Herefs., 8%, Org.MS, perry pear varieties, clean, wine-like finish

GWATKIN varietal perry, Herefs., 7.5%, M, Oldfield, a class act by any standards

GWATKIN varietal perry, Herefs., 7.5%, S, Malvern Hill aka Stinking Bishop, soft delicate perry with a hint of elderflower

GWYNT Y DDRAIG'Two Trees' perry, Glam., 5%, MD, perry pear varieties, always meticulously made and aged in oak

GWYNT Y DDRAIG varietal perry, Glam., 5%, M, Malvern Hill, clean and fruity

HECKS varietal perry, Som., 6.5%, MD, Blakeney Red - oak-fermented, a sure-fire full fruit hit

LITTLE RED ROOSTER cider perry, E.Suss., 8.4%, M, culinary, dessert and cider apples + pears, a well-rounded crowd pleaser

NEWTONS perry, Herefs., 6%, M, perry pear varieties, so -so drinkable and so -so rare in 2009

NEWTONS varietal perry, Herefs., 5.5%, MS, Knap perry pears, pressed Sept. '09, fermented by Christmas '09

OAKWOOD varietal perry, E.Suss., 6%, Org. MD, Green Horse/Oldfield Blend, clean and fresh with green overtones

SEVERN SIDER perry, Glos., 6.4%, S, perry pear varieties - whisky-casked, quite difficult to get hold of- it always sells out

There will also be a selection of local wine at the festival



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