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Cider & Perry (2014 List)

The 28th Festival will be held on Thurs 22nd - Sat 24th March 2018 at Brighton Racecourse.

APPLE section of CAMRA site

Updated 6 March @ 17:45 with changes/additions

After the popularity of ciders, perry and wine at the 2005 festival, we've stocked a much wider range at subsequent festivals.

See below for details of the 37 ciders, 11 perries and 2 cider perries that are planned to feature from the start of the 2014 Festival. You can also download the tasting notes here (26kb PDF, opens in separate window).

For more information, check out the Cider & Perry section of the CAMRA website (opens in new window).

Post-festival award (announced late-March 2014):
Cider of the festival was Dorset Nectar.

2014 Festival Selection:


  • APPLEDRAM, West Sussex, Dry Cider, 6.0%
  • BLACK PIG ORCHARDS, West Sussex, Medium Dry Cider, 6.0%
  • BOLLHAYES, Devon, Medium Dry Cider, 7.0%
  • BURROW HILL, Somerset, Medium Cider, 6.0%
  • CHUCKLEHEAD, Devon, Medium Dry Cider, 7.0%
  • C.J.'s, Monmouthshire, Wench Medium Cider, 6.0%
  • DORSET NECTAR, Dorset, Medium Cider, 5.5%
  • DOUBLE VISION, Kent, Medium Cider, 7.4%
  • DREYMANS, West Sussex, Golden Squirrel Medium Dry Cider, TBA%
  • GWATKINS, Herefordshire, Sweet Varietal Cider (SV), 7.5%
  • HANCOCKS, Devon, Medium Cider, 6.0%
  • HAVEN CIDER CO, West Sussex, Medium Cider, TBA%
  • HECKS, Somerset, Medium Sweet Varietal Cider (SV), 6.5%
  • HONEY & DAUGHTER'S, Somerset, Medium Dry Cider, 6.5%
  • JB, West Sussex, Medium Dry Cider, 7.5%
  • MARSHWOOD VALE, Dorset, Tom Putt Medium Cider (SV), TBA%
  • MARSHALL'S, East Sussex, Jolly Dry Cider, 7.0%
  • NEMPNETT, Somerset, Piglets Choice Medium Dry Cider (SV), 6.0%
  • NEWTONS, Herefordshire, Dry Cider (SV), 6.2%
  • OAKWOOD, East Sussex, Organic Medium Dry Cider, 6.0%
  • OLIVERS, Herefordshire, Medium Varietal Cider (SV), 6.3%
  • PALMERHAYES, Devon, Kneebender Scrumpy Dry Cider, 6.0%
  • PERRY BROS., Somerset, Vintage Sweet Cider, 6.0%
  • POOKHILL, East Sussex, New Season 2012 Medium Cider, 6.0%
  • PORTSLADE, East Sussex, Wild Thing Medium Cider, 7.2%
  • ROSIE'S, Clwyd, Triple D Medium Dry Cider, 7.2%
  • ROSS-ON-WYE, Herefordshire, Dry Cider, 6.5%
  • SHERSTON, Wiltshire, Truly Scrumptious Medium Dry Cider, 6.0%
  • SHEPPYS, Somerset, Sweet Cider, 6.0%
  • SLUGBITE, East Sussex, Medium Cider, 6.0%
  • SOUTH DOWNS, East Sussex, Cider, 5.8%. Made from apples from Old Merrydown site, Horam
  • SPRINGFIELD, Monmouthshire, Wobbly Munk Medium Dry Cider, 7.8%
  • SUNNY JIM, Surrey, Medium Cider, 6.0%
  • UNCLE STOAT'S, East Sussex, Dry Cider, 6.0%
  • WEST CROFT, Somerset, Janet's Jungle Juice Medium Dry Cider, 6.0%
  • WILKINS, Somerset, Farmhouse Dry Cider, 6.0%
  • WINKLEIGH, Devon, Sam's Sweet Cider, 6.0%


  • BLACK PIG ORCHARDS, West Sussex, Medium Perry, 6.0%
  • BRIDGE FARM, Somerset, Medium Perry, 6.5%
  • CORNISH ORCHARDS, Cornwall, Medium Perry, 5.0%
  • GREGGS PIT, Herefordshire, Circus Pear Dry Perry, 6.0%
  • GWATKINS, Herefordshire, Medium Varietal Perry (SV), 7.5%
  • GWYNT Y DDRAIG, Glamorgan, Two Trees Medium Perry, 4.5%
  • HECKS, Somerset, Medium Varietal Perry (SV), 6.0%
  • DOUBLE VISION, Kent, Impeared Vision Medium Perry, 7.4%
  • OAKWOOD, East Sussex, Organic Medium Dry Perry, 5.0%
  • ROSS-ON-WYE, Herefordshire, Dry Perry, 6.0%
  • SWALLOWFIELDS, Herefordshire, Painted Lady Medium Dry Perry, 6.0%

Cider Perry

  • BLACK PIG ORCHARDS, West Sussex, Pyder, 6%. A mixture of apples and pears.
  • LITTLE RED ROOSTER, East Sussex, Medium Dry, 8.4%

Changes to Programme:

  • SOUTH DOWNS, East Sussex, Cider, 5.8% (replaces Trappers Laughing Jester Medium Cider). Made from apples from Old Merrydown site, Horam.
  • New addition: BLACK PIG ORCHARDS, West Sussex, Pyder, 6%. A mixture of apples and pears.


There will also be a selection of local wine at the festival



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