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First Time Visitor guide

The 29th Festival will be held on Fri 22nd - Sat 23rd March 2019 once again at Brighton Racecourse.

Thinking about going to the festival for the first time? Not sure where to go what to do? What will the beers taste like? Here are a few pointers…

To get started, you’ll need a glass. Choose a half pint or pint glass in the main foyer (included in your ticket price). Look after your glass as if it is lost or broken, it will cost you for a replacement.

Next, buy some tokens: they’re sold in the Main Hall; anything from a pound to whatever you realistically will need (there’s no cash taken behind the bars, as this helps us to serve you quicker and keeps our hands cleaner). Any unused tokens can be donated to the festival charity or get a refund for whole £1strips at the token hatch before time is called.

On entering the Main Hall there will be rows and rows of casks. There will be over 170 beers, 40 ciders and perries plus a selection of bottled beers on sale – a bit daunting perhaps? So, what should you do if you are uncertain of what beer or cider to choose?

Have a look in the programme; there is a description of each beer and a coloured glass symbol to indicate which style of beer it is. Still unsure what your choice will be like? Just ask the bar staff who will say if it’s a light or a dark or a golden beer. What will it taste like? Ask for a small taster and, if it is to your liking, you can choose to purchase a third, a half or a pint. Now you are up and running! All the bars operate in the same way so make your way around the bar enjoying the delights that British beer and cider offer. If you are unsure as to which allergens the beer or cider may contain, please ask the bar staff.

Feeling hungry? The food bar is located at the end of the Main Hall. Hot and cold food plus veggie options on sale (but food is cash only).

We’re sure you will enjoy yourself and hope that we have given you an insight to all that real ales can offer. If you are that impressed, please come back next year or look out for other CAMRA or pub festivals on during the year.

All our staff members are unpaid volunteers who give up their own free time to make sure everyone has a good time. So, have you thought to yourself, I would like to be the other side of the bar helping next year’s first-timer festival visitors? Easy – just go and join at the membership stall and we may see you either side of the bar next year!

Any more questions?

Hopefully this brief guide has helped to set the scene but, if not, why not contact us by email, Facebook or Twitter (@sussexbeerfest) and we'll do our best to respond (and update this guide as appropriate).



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