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The 29th Festival will be held on Fri 22nd - Sat 23rd March 2019 once again at Brighton Racecourse.

The Festival simply wouldn't happen without the hard work and goodwill of the dozens of volunteers, but we're always looking out for more helping hands! If you fancy giving it a go, have a look at the different types of jobs and jot down your preferences on our 2018 staffing form:

The completed form needs to be emailed to the new email address on the form. The forms need to arrive with our Staffing Officer by Wednesday 31 January 2018 to enable us to plan accordingly order enough t-shirts in the right sizes.

Please note that, due to logistical difficulties, all forms should be submitted by email to the address on the form.

Please do not post any forms to the old Brighton address: our pre-2014 staffing officer has moved and any forms sent there will not reach us.

If you've never worked at this (or any other) beer festival, don't worry - every one of our volunteers had to start sometime! Training and help will be on hand, and we'll even be adding a "First Time Volunteer?" FAQ to this site shortly.

Festival Jobs include:

SET-UP: Putting up scaffolding for the barrels, helping move the barrels into place, preparing glasses and programmes, putting signs up and generally arranging the room as needed.

BAR: Filling people's glasses with the beer requested and taking tokens– you'll be shown what to do when you come – and generally being pleasant and helpful! This is the bread-and-butter of the festival, and many people's first experience of volunteering (as well as being a lot of fun).

FRONT DESK: Welcoming people on arrival, taking tickets, directing them to where they need to go.

GLASSES/TOKENS: Handing out glasses and selling tokens to festival goers.

STALLS: Staffing the membership and merchandise stalls respectively – signing up new members or selling CAMRA goods. Full training will be provided for the membership stall volunteers.

STEWARDING: Helping to keep everyone safe and happy.

TAKE-DOWN: Clearing up after the event. Helping return barrels to brewers, break down the scaffolding, etc.

Not only CAMRA members can volunteer to help out, but if you're not a member (yet), why not check out the CAMRA page and consider signing up?



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