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What's the time, Mr Wolf?

The 29th Festival will be held on Fri 22nd - Sat 23rd March 2019 once again at Brighton Racecourse.

[This article was written for the July 2005 edition of the Sussex Drinker magazine]

I still can’t believe that Fay Westbrook really did ask this question. It was said to the brewer at the presentation of the Beer of the 2005 Sussex Beer & Cider Festival to the Wolf brewery in Norfolk!!!!!. Sorry Mr Wolf.

Talking about time (what a dreadful link!!!) the ‘ideas’ committee for the 2006 Festival (see photo below) has been meeting to come up with new ideas in order to try to make next year’s festival even more of a success.

(well, Mary and Alison were working whilst Ingrid was just enjoying being allowed down the pub with her baby, Alexander)

We now think that we have the basis for some exciting innovations so watch this space for details in the next edition of this magazine.

One major change that we will have to deal with is that Brighton & Hove Council have imposed a total smoking ban on all their premises. This means that our festival will be smoke free. We appreciate that some of our customers like to smoke while drinking but smoking will only be allowed outside of the building so a pass-out system will be in place.

All the feedback we received following this year’s festival was very positive about holding the event in March so it seemed the best thing to do was to cancel our February booking and go for March again. The dates for the 2006 Festival are Thursday 9th March, Friday 10th March and Saturday 11th March.
So, please make a note of these dates and also that tickets will be on sale from the usual places by mid-January. Better still, make a note of these dates with a view to working at the Festival. I can divulge that not only is it always great fun but that the more volunteers we get, the more the work can be spread around and so more time for people to enjoy their free refreshments!!!

Happy drinking

Peter Betteridge
2006 Beer & Cider Festival Organiser



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